Portsmouth, it’s time for the boycott to begin!

The Tunnel Shun Has Begun!

Just what is the “Tunnel Shun”? It is a tunnel boycott, pure and simple, and it’s about the VDOT/ERCO contract, not just a toll. Though it is also extremely important for Portsmouth residents to support our businesses here due to the magnified negative impact of the tolls and the MLK-X bypass on our little city, the primary goal of the Tunnel Shun is to keep traffic out of the tunnels whenever possible. We don’t wish to discourage visitors from other cities, we just want them to take another route and keep the tunnel revenue down beyond the expected diversion time.

To help people remap routes and find alternatives to old habitats east of the river, please feel free to share your suggestions here.

We know that not everyone in Portsmouth can participate 100% in a boycott–just do what you can to support Portsmouth businesses and save our city from the disaster predicted by Dr. Koch’s recent economic impact study.

You have questions? E-mail us!