Portsmouth, it’s time for the boycott to begin!

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The Tunnel Shun Has Begun!

Just what is the “Tunnel Shun”? It is a tunnel boycott, pure and simple, and it’s about the VDOT/ERCO contract, not just a toll. Though it is also extremely important for Portsmouth residents to support our businesses here due to the magnified negative impact of the tolls and the MLK-X bypass on our little city, the primary goal of the Tunnel Shun is to keep traffic out of the tunnels whenever possible. We don’t wish to discourage visitors from other cities, we just want them to take another route and keep the tunnel revenue down beyond the expected diversion time.

To help people remap routes and find alternatives to old habitats east of the river, please feel free to share your suggestions here.

We know that not everyone in Portsmouth can participate 100% in a boycott–just do what you can to support Portsmouth businesses and save our city from the disaster predicted by Dr. Koch’s recent economic impact study.

You have questions? E-mail us!



11 thoughts on “Portsmouth, it’s time for the boycott to begin!

  1. Feel free to post comments about the rally itself here – comments about CAPPAC generally belong on the “What is CAPPAC?” page (click on this in the header to go there).

  2. I was so impressed with the assertion from Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton that the Commonwealth has “the authority to proceed with the project as planned” (V-P, March 15, 2012) that I bet 100 buck contribution to the lawsuit fund he was whistling past the graveyard. Although I do not object to tolls per se, they have to be reasonable and part of a multifaceted infrastructure funding plan before I would approve of them. To sign a contract that guarantees the Elizabeth River Crossings concessionaire a 13.5 per cent rate of return on investment does not fit my criteria for tolling, and I would think Dominion Virginia Power would be green with envy over that sort of state regulation. So, Secretary Connaughton, having heard your opinion, I’m joining forces with those seeking a second one, from the Virginia judiciary!

  3. I know that the $1.00, $10.00 and $20.00 donations are all adding to many people investing in the future of their children, grandchildren and whichever city they may live in. AND – We need those that can, to donate at the $100.00 level or greater. Just 1,500 donations of $100.00 each will get us to the $150,000.00 goal. Seems like a small amount compared to the 58 years of increasing tunnel tolls and slow decline of our historic cities. SPREAD THE WORD – CHALLENGE ALL THAT CAN TO DONATE $100.00 OR MORE

  4. Just got a message pointing out the potential problem with transponders in cars for people who borrow or rent cars when their own may be in the shop for repairs. We also have a population of temporary workers here on our military bases regularly–they will be penalized if they are using cars without transponders, too. Then there’s the $1/month fee for electronic statements from EZ Pass (or $2/month if you want it on paper). There seems to be no end to the drain on our wallets. STOP TUNNEL VISION! Donate whatever you can, and ask your friends statewide to donate too. If this contract stands, it won’t be long before every major bridge and tunnel and road in the state is tolled.

  5. I may have overlooked it as I have not been able to read all there is to the tolling issue. But it is my understanding that if you do not have an easy-pay transponder you will have to pay a higher toll that you would be billed for in the mail. That way there will be no need for tollbooths. REALLY! It appears to me to be an outright LIE. Nowhere, have I seen or heard described how tolls were going to be collected from out of state vehicles or even out of country vehicles. Virginia has reciprocal agreements with 49 states plus Canada and Mexico to collect these tolls? I think NOT! I submit that in spite of disclaimers. it is the intent to have tollbooths. Otherwise, there will be millions in tolls uncollected. Perhaps, the generous increase in tolls allowed each year is to fund the infrastructure needed to build and maintain the tollbooths. And this does not even consider 18 wheelers and other vehicles which might be very muddy/dirty and thus unidentifiable for the purpose of billing. WAKE-UP They intend to put in tollbooths! My contribution to oppose tolling is enroute.

  6. A list of places to shop in Portsmouth for things that you normally have to go to Norfolk / VA Beach would be nice…. such as a butcher, fishmonger, bookstore, etc.

  7. A “Park-in” would get more notice then just a boycott. If everyone in the tunnel just stopped both dirrections you’d have the largest traffic jam in history in this area forcing everyone to to “boycott” and find a different route

    • It would certainly cause a great deal of trouble – but it would also be illegal, and as the tunnels are a vital connection for emergency vehicles, it could even be fatal (remember the NY bridge shutdown!).
      A classic act of “civil disobedience” would be for a large number of people to refuse to pay the tolls and clog the courts with the case load.

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