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The Virginian Pilot has also posted a lot of valuable information (news articles and editorials).

VDOT authority to toll argued before Va. high court

WAVY TV on the May 21 court victory

Poor pay more to fund roads, report says

Breaking ground for the Midtown Tunnel – WAVY TV

Yet another Washington Post editorial damning McDonnell’s “bold and paltry” transportation policy

Another Washington Post editorial damning McDonnell’s inaction on funding transportation

The Washington Post wrote an editorial damning Virginia’s lack of transportation policy

Property rights amendment would put an onerous burden on local government – Are there implications for Midtown-MLK-Downtown?

For realtime conditions, go to Trafficland HR

Patchwork strategies handicap region

WAVY TV report on the VDOT presentation (interview with Terry Danaher at 0:55)

The truth begins to emerge – but not too far. For just some of the horrors ERC has in store, watch their presentation to Norfolk Council (over a week ago!). The slides from the presentation are here.

Major Transportation Projects Under Construction in Virginia Bring Faster Travel, New Choices and More Jobs (as Governor McDonnell tells it)

Richmond-area group joins growing chorus opposing tolls

With today’s filing the media coverage has gone national!

The AAA gets it really badly wrong

AAA features ERC informercial

Set them right – post a comment on their Facebook page!

Now, more and more regional media are taking up the cudgels:

Watch WAVY TV news coverage on the first day at our new YouTube channel!

WAVY TV has an interview with Terry Danaher and Senator Louise Lucas (who thinks the tolls are a done deal)

An interview with Governor McDonnell confirming that his office suggested the delay in tolls

Channel 3 has an interview with Terry Danaher

Tollroads News

“No more large projects are possible without tolls”

Challenge to MWAA Dulles Rail/Dulles Toll Road financing moves in US Court of Appeals

The Virginia News Letter

Virginia’s transportation funding crisis

Daily Press:

Toll gantry installation work to start Thursday at the Downtown Tunnel

Toll debate heat rears up on planning board

Feds OK $422M loan for Southside tunnel project

Hampton Mayor Molly Joseph Ward: we must address transportation gridlock

Blue Virginia

New Tidewater poll stuns McDonnell, gives Dems big 2013 opening


Skanska reaches financial close on the Midtown tunnel project, Virginia, USA

The Examiner

Local officials vow to fight McDonnell road plan

Washington Post:

State budget deal reached in Richmond

Richmond Times Dispatch:

Assembly inaction takes us closer to the cliff

Transportation: no free rides

Suffolk News Herald:

Resolution lacks resolve

Tolls plan draws fire at town hall

Suffolk councillors feel the heat


Governor’s support of toll amendment wanes

McDonnell looks for state to pay tolls

The civil rights issues of tolls

Sen. Lucas denies snag with tolls delay

Read the Comprehensive Agreement on the Midtown – MLKI – Downtown Tunnel project.

The Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization has posted the video of the March 15 meeting.

CONTINUING THE FIGHT: On June 17 Secretary of Transportation Connaughton testified about the impact of Judge Cale’s decision on this and other public-private transportation projects at a House Appropriations Committee meeting before a room packed with notollsHR supporters. Here’s the WAVY TV report on the Richmond hearing.

Here’s the letter from Portsmouth City staff with the resolution adopted unanimously by City Council at their 12 March meeting, and here is the EDA resolution authorizing $50,000 in financial support for the lawsuit!

For the true impact on downtown Portsmouth, watch the excellent Portsmouth City Council briefing on the project on February 19 – there are links to the video and the handout plus suggested time codes for highlights of the video here.

Read this study of the Virginia Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995 by the Southern Environmental Law Center, showing how we’re losing out in the process!

Watch the ERC presentation to Norfolk Council on the traffic snarl-up they have in store for us in the next few years!

See the WAVY TV report on the presentation.

Watch the WVEC report on flooding at the Hague in Norfolk during the recent nor’easter – and remember, this is where the new Midtown Tunnel is supposed to increase traffic flow!

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