Virginian Pilot articles 2012

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Virginian Pilot articles from December 2012

Save VA’s roads despite Norquist

McDonnell to seek $500 million annually in new road money

Virginia Beach could opt for buses over light rail

Road-building process is flawed, study finds

Next up for tolls: Intterstate 64?

A state court for a state problem

Judge sends tunnel tolls lawsuit back to state court

Curious argument from AG Cuccinelli

Route 460 road project to rely on public bonds

Interest builds for ferry between Norfolk, Peninsula

Moving money at Virginia’s port

Aging Hampton Roads bridges outpace repair efforts

Unheeded warnings of traffic mess define hubris

Tunnel headaches for five more years

Midtown, Doiwntown tubes to face closures for first 4 years of tolls

Virginia maritime interests criticize port privatization

Toll opposition, course correction

Port talks bypass Coney Island

Anti-toll group moves to shift suit back to state courts

Lawsuit to block tunnel tolls moved to federal court

Small steps are starting big tunnel job

New tolls, more opposition

Who’s donating to tolls suit? (A bit outdated)

Fighting tolls – and the power structure

Opposition to tolls unites diverse groups

A last chance on a bad tunnel deal

Lawsuit to halt tunnel tolls filed in Portsmouth court

Driving in an E-ZPass land (editorial)

Rush on port deal brings new doubts

Frequent delays expected for sprucing up of tunnels

The privatization of Virginia’s roads

Region’s mayors brainstorm at transportation summit

The great spread of transponders

Plan would allow solo drivers in HOV lanes – for a toll

To E-ZPass: I (do/do not) want to pay a $1-a-month fee

Tolls for drivers. No taxes for city of Portsmouth?

VDOT spending $26 million for Interstate 264 repairs

VDOT seeks public comment on monthly E-ZPass fee

Consultant: Toll should be $1 for Chesapeake roadway

Roads-funding summit is a good idea, but answers are still miles away

Road project funding close to running dry in Virginia

Increasingly unfriendly route for region’s roads

State officials gather public input on big projects

State’s upcoming two-year budget has some plums for region

VDOT: No hearings on proposed E-ZPass fee
(see also the Richmond-Times Dispatch)

Virginia roads are busier, but expansion lags

Tunnel builders get to rent Port Authority site for $1

Marketing blitz aims to grow support for tunnel project

Power brokers in dark corners

Partners behind tunnel project have solid reputations

Abandoning the common weal

Virginia board delays charging tunnel tolls until 2014

Board delays charging tunnel tolls until Jan. 2014

Monthly fee coming to EZPass, pushing cost of tolls up

Democrats in Virginia Senate block budget again

When pandering fails to satisfy

Route to avoid a tunnel toll would be a trip back in time

McDonnell backs postponing tunnel tolls until 2014

Even a tax beats tolls in regional poll

State, private partner close on Midtown tunnel project

Local leaders ask other areas to join roads fight

Tunnel project needs to move ahead
(op-ed by pro-PPP thinktank)

In public-private tolls deal the devil is in the details

Hurtling toward a horrible deal

Toll dependency solves nothing

Gauging interest in light rail

Cracks form in Senate Democrats’ budget blockade

Tunnels’ users should pay for them

The trouble with tolling the Downtown

Northern Va. toll squabble takes turn in budget mess

Virginia pushes to seal deal to toll Midtown, Downtown tunnels

Hearing on project with toll potential has small turnout

Governor McDonnell now open to delaying tunnel tolls

Tolls are ingrained into Hampton Roads history

Region’s failure to cooperate

State plans hearings on other major roads projects

(Some history here: this is from 2008)
Portsmouth sees a light rail hub at its end of the tunnel

Standing up for Hampton Roads

A deal built on assumptions

Suffolk delegate asks governor to alter tunnel toll deal

VA Senate budget delays tolls to 2014

An investment in Hampton Roads future

The Virginia way – looking the other way

Tunnel tolls leave lasting [bad] memories

The bad toll deal has an explanation

Now entering a poorly lit tunnel deal

Planning for five cities – and one region

Tunnel deal: the wrong kind of help

Commonwealth’s phantom gas tax

Midtown mayors agree – but not on tolls

Cities must stand with Portsmouth

Tolls revisited as state budget talks resume

Del. Alexander – Stop the tunnel deal

VB referendum – no need to rush

Virginia Beach will be affected too

Op-ed on when is a toll a tax

Who’s making the money?

Governor Bob loses his way

Guest column on PPPs

Legislators press for Termination for Convenience

Break bad deal!

VDOT Commissioner Whirley pushing ahead

Not the best Virginia could do

Potential other tolls

Op-ed opposing tolls

Del. Alexander meeting report

Publicity for Del. Alexander meeting

Virginia Beach wooing Skanska?

Tolls stink!

Tolls, tolls, tolls – how did we get in this mess?

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