What is CAPPAC?

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Citizens for Accountability in Politics (CAPPAC) is a non-partisan, non-profit all volunteer political action committee concerned with actions of state and local governments that negatively impact the citizens of Hampton Roads, particularly those in the City of Portsmouth.

The current focus of CAPPAC is the comprehensive transportation agreement for Hampton Roads recently signed by the Governor, which will impose crushing tolls on our region for almost 60 years, draining our local economies to enrich foreign corporations. (Ultimately the cost is to all Virginians as financial resources are diverted from the Commonwealth–and the U.S. economy– to the private corporate partners in the agreement.)

CAPPAC is challenging the legality of the transportation agreement and is seeking financial support for the legal battle, which has already begun. Please join our efforts to stop this outrageous attempt to suck the economic life out of the Hampton Roads region for the next three generations by donating to CAPPAC today.

27 thoughts on “What is CAPPAC?

  1. I’d like to know your registration information to confirm that you are a non-profit organization organized under the laws of the Commonwealth to conduct operation.
    I’d also like to know who are the executive officers.

    • We are not incorporated. We are a Political Action Committee registered with the Virginia State Board of Elections, #12-008. We are required to submit quarterly reports to the SBE showing all donations, and our bank required proof of registration and an IRS ID number to open the account (as did PayPal). I am the treasurer and we also have a bookkeeper. We hit the ground running on this and do not have a formal board–we make our decisions by consensus of the committee, which at the moment is completely focused on funding the legal battle against the tolls. Hope this answers your questions.

  2. This is a Tidewater problem. Everyone who goes thru the tunnel, has products or services go thru the tunnel is effected. This will only work until enough people are mad enough to say I don’t want this deal but a new deal. This is NOT a DONE DEAL but a BAD DEAL we want a BETTER DEAL. How do we get the word out. We use F5 F5.Everyday we find five people who find five people. When you go to the store, to gas pump, to work or to church ask the person do you go thru the tunnel. Then tell them to go to the website notollshr.org read our story, make donations, read and make comments. And also important tell them to tell all their friends and neighbors face to face or facebook to go to the website. It can’t be any more simple than that. The donations are essential so we can pay the legal fees and get a better deal. The job won’t be done until each of us do our part.

  3. I was at the Sunday, March 4th rally. Well organized, though small. I gave you $10 then. I know, Big Money, right? If everyone who has to use these tunnels on a daily basis would only give you $10, How Much would that be? Newcomers to this site, think about thousands of little $10 (or more) donations. YOU CAN make a difference right here. We CAN STOP this Monster DEAD in it’s tracks!

    • Every $10 helps. Every $1 helps. If everyone from the region contributes even small amounts, it will add up very quickly. Thanks for your support. Glad you made it to the rally. Given the horrible weather, 300+ vocal citizens (and our delegates and council members) were there.

    • This is a simple process. There are 150,000 cars that go thru the tunnel everyday. If we collected $1 for one day we could pay the legal fees all the way to the Va. Supreme Court. It is a shame we can’t collect the $1 now for one day so we don’t have to start paying tolls in Sept for the next 58 years. Like Terry said, every dollar adds up. Ask all your friends, neighbors ,family and co-workers go to the website and donate.

  4. I would like to say that if you are a Political Action Committee, where is your action plan to idetify and campaign against elected officials who do not support the petitions and majority will of the people?

    • We’re less than a week old, and our most urgent job and top priority right now is to raise money for the lawsuit which is the only way to stop the tolls at this point.

  5. We chose the name of our PAC so we could ultimately do what you are asking about, D.W. But we are a very small brand new group with a tiny budget at the moment and our focus has to be on the lawsuit since that’s our most likely successful route to stop the tolls. The elections aren’t until November, by which time it will be way too late to stop anything. I hope you plan to volunteer your help when the time comes to “throw the bastards out.”

  6. Terry!

    My husband (who has had two of your children in class at TCC Norfolk) and I have been eager and anxious to know how to move ahead on this outrageous tunnel issue. Finally…at long last…it’s TERRIFIC to see some movement.

    I have had some interesting experiences of late. After attending Friday’s brief rally, I came home and made flyers which I have been handing out wherever we go. While eating lunch Friday at Lillian’s, I approached a table of four men and asked them if they use the tunnels. Their reply was yes in that they are all truckers. While they knew a little something about “some tolls” coming, they were totally unaware of the outrageous amounts and were horrified since this will indeed be out-of-their-pocket money. They asked for several flyers to post around their terminal.
    We continually are amazed at the vast numbers of people who have no knowledge of the exact toll information. Another concern is the response, “Oh, that doesn’t affect me.” This…from someone in VB or Chesapeake. How do we get the entire region to be concerned?
    We both stand at the ready to do whatever we can in this effort. I guess I am frustrated because I know HUGE numbers of our citizens are not aware…despite the recent barrage of newspaper and tv coverage. I will encourage my students at TCC Norfolk to sign the petition as well as all others I run into while on the Norfolk Campus.

    We were encouraged at yesterday’s rally to learn what city officials are now planning. Let it not be too late!

    A future rally at Willet would be WONDERFUL! Very user friendly and no threat of weather interferring.

    We’ll stay posted to see how we can best be of help. Meanwhile, I’m cranking out flyers with these websites and addresses.

    Good luck to all of us!

    • Thank you for spreading the word. If everyone would direct five people everyday to the website(it tells our story,make donations, read the comments and make comments) there won’t be anyone who doesn’t know the tolls are real and final if we don’t do something about it. The solution is here, the lawyer is going to court in the next couple weeks. The process is long and we will have to go to the Va Supreme Court. We need to focus on the goal and we can do it. Keep the faith.

  7. I attended both rallies last week. Did you sponsor them or know who did? I’d like to join in or help get started or unite forces to form a organized fight. This is going to take a long term effort to stop not only the Midtown Tunnel mess,but the plans to toll all our highways in Hampton Roads. This is a Hampton Road issue. This deal will criple the region, but the govenor’s utimate plan of all placing tolls on every highway in the region will kill Hampton Roads. Wake up the people who you come in contact with. Its amazing the amount of people who know nothing of the deal or details. Everyone can do his or her part. For instance I kept the petition site up on an extra computer next to my desk and signed up 60 people in a day.

    • We sponsored the March 4 rally and invited participation from others in the region who helped promote it and/or had info to share (like Todd Cairns, who started the petition, which was brilliant!). We welcome help and are looking at the long term, not just this project, which is why the PAC was created. We’ll have more info about how people can get involved (besides donating to legal fund) asap–right after we get back from our daughter’s wedding! Stay tuned.

    • You are exactly on point about the issuses. We need some serious workers to raise the money. We need 1). zone captains for Cavalier Manor, Highland Biltimore/Cradock, Churchland and Ghent/ODU to contact businesses to distribute bumper stickers 2) caller for each city to call all businesses in that city that has vechicles going thru the tunnel 3) person to set up a network to contact all civic leagues and churches to get donations. We need to get the money by April 15th. If you or if you know someone who can help contact me Coleman Young chelbay2001@yahoo.com Thank you for for help.

  8. I live in Norfolk and rarely use either of the tunnels yet consider this a vital issue in our community. To paraphrase about a recent national church/government issue, “We are all Portsmouth residents now.” The politicians may view this as a win for solving the traffic congestion in our area but it comes as a death blow to us as a community and puts us back 30 years. We had tolls to Portsmouth and tolls to Hampton and all of the areas were quite isolated. We do not want to go back to that. Is this now the new paradigm for how we will fund road construction though the whole state? Will our state politicians take a pledge to add tolls to all Richmond and DC entrances and exits and place them before each western city all along 81 and 64? Or will the politicians see the light just in time to avoid this and finally raise the gas taxes in 5-10 years when other areas need money so that we will get BOTH tolls and taxes? This is government tyranny – other parts of the state have out voted us to solve our problems in a way that kills us.

    • Yes this is the way the state wants to to build and maitain roads,bridges and tunnels – by tolls. The state doesn’t want to borrow or raise gas or sales tax. The tolls are unrealistic burden on the people who have to go thru the tunnels for work and home. The contract is too a sweet deal for the company. Get mad and contribute

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    • I’m new to WordPress, which was suggested by our web hosting service as we expected this site to be more of a blog than it is at the moment. The first plug-in we installed was highly recommended on the WP support forums, but unfortunately it had been hacked, so our pages had code added to direct people to what was apparently a YouTube porn site. Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll take some time to check the reviews and think about it. There are various techniques for improving the search rating which are listed in the manuals, and I’ve been meaning to get to those – you know the feeling, I’m sure!

  10. we’re mainly concerned with fundraising right now and short of volunteers, so our primary updates are to the media pages and the “next meeting”. I’ll get to RSS after I sort out the mess left by the last hacked plug-in!

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