Who you gonna call?

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 Toll busters!

Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne has said the Midtown expansion project is a done deal. While Governor McAuliffe is committed to finding more state money to reduce the cost of the tolls, this project will continue to damage us in the future, and the PPTA is more alive than ever. If you feel strongly about the Midtown tolls and the prospect of more tolls, let your state leaders know.

Governor Terry McAuliffe
Phone 1-804-786-2211
E-mail https://governor.virginia.gov/commonwealth/email-the-governor/

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam
Phone 1-804-786-2078
E-mail ltgov@ltgov.virginia.gov

Attorney General Mark Herring
Phone 1-804-786-2071
E-mail contact http://www.ag.virginia.gov/ContactUsForm/ContactForm.aspx

Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne


Del. Algie Howell Jr., D-Norfolk (90th District);
DelAHowell@house. virginia.gov

Del. Matthew James, D-Portsmouth (80th District);
DelMJames@house. virginia.gov

Del. Johnny Joannou, D-Portsmouth (79th District);
no email

Del. Chris Jones, R-Suffolk (76th District);
DelCJones@house. virginia.gov

Del. Barry Knight, R-Virginia Beach (81st District);
DelBKnight@house. virginia.gov

Del. Lynwood Lewis Jr., D-Accomack (100th District);
DelLLewis@house. virginia.gov

Del. Rick Morris, R-Isle of Wight (64th District);
DelRMorris@house. virginia.gov

Del. Bob Purkey, R-Virginia Beach (82nd District);
DelBPurkey@house. virginia.gov

Del. Lionell Spruill Sr., D-Chesapeake (77th District);
DelLSpruill@house. virginia.gov

Del. Chris Stolle, R-Virginia Beach (83rd District);
DelCStolle@house. virginia.gov

Del. Bob Tata, R-Virginia Beach (85th District);
DelBTata@house. virginia.gov

Del. Ron Villanueva, R-Virginia Beach (21st District);
DelRVillanueva@house. virginia.gov


Sen. Kenny Alexander, D-Norfolk (5th District);
804-698-7505 (district office 757-223-1333)

Sen. John Cosgrove, R-Chesapeake  (14th District);
804-698-7514 (757-547-3422)
district14@senate. virginia.gov

Sen. Mamie Locke, D-Hampton (2nd District);
804-698-7502 (757-825-5880)
district02@senate. virginia.gov

Sen. Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth (18th District);
804-698-7518 (757-397-8209)
district18 @senate. virginia.gov

Sen. Jeff McWaters, R-Virginia Beach (8th District);
804-698-7508 (757-965-3700)
district08@senate. virginia.gov

Sen. John Miller, D-Newport News (1st District);
804-698-7501 (757-595-1100)
district01@senate. virginia.gov

Sen. Ralph Northam, D-Norfolk (6th District);
804-698-7506 (757-818-5172)
district06@senate. virginia.gov

Sen. Frank Wagner, R-Virginia Beach (7th District);
804-698-7507 (757-561-2250)
district07@senate. virginia.gov

8 thoughts on “Who you gonna call?

  1. I agree. This is a Tidewater problem. This is a serious problem when many of us are already scraping up money for gas and basic supplies. And now they want to put a toll. In other words tax us to benifit other areas. Playing Politics benefit the politians not the People!

  2. i thought this website led to the petition. i have signed it and know that it can be reached at a tinyurl site. however, that’s a really hard address for people to remember standing in the grocery store chatting! can’t you link to the petition?

  3. I am writing to state my opinion on implementation of tolls in the Hampton Roads vicinity. Specifically, how it impacts on the Town of Portsmouth. The projected toll would cost me a $1000/year. I make a reasonable income, and still this cost/tax would cause an adverse impact on me. And for the population of Portsmouth being of lower incomes and highly ethnic, this would be even worse. Surprisingly, in the Environmental document for this project it was stated under Environmental Justice review that the Tolls would not have an adverse impact on ethnic populations or ones of low income, as long as the price/toll was kept reasonable. Unfortunately, this Financial Impact is Not Reasonable, and does not comply with the premise of Environmental Justice. The whole thing smells., ..politics and profits. We all are going in debt, and nobody wants to stop spending.

  4. I have a transportation issue that I have been attempting to get the members of the General assembly to take seriously.

    What they are doing is unconstitutional and is a federal crime, but they refuse to approach attorney general Ken Cuccinelli for his comments because they know that I am correct.

    As an individual my voice as a concerned citizen has been quashed. But as an organization you may have better luck approaching these legislators and forcing a change.

    My argument is as follows: the Virginia State Vehicle Safety Inspection Mandate is unconstitutional because it discriminates against all of Virginia’s vehicle owners by requiring that they submit to having their vehicles certified annually or lose the privilege of driving on the very roads that their tax dollars are used to maintain while allowing vehicles that are not registered in Virginia to enter our boarders and travel upon the very same roads unencumbered by this mandate, potentially putting the lives of the individuals that submitted to the mandate and proved compliance in peril from vehicles that are not regulated and may be deemed unsafe based on the same Virginia Vehicle Safety Inspection criteria.

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